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I have lived in Japan for 19 years and I have so far avoided going to the dentist here because I have a real fear of going to the dentist even in my own country where I can communicate fully in English. Recently I had to have root canal treatment and so I asked a Japanese friend to help me find a good root canal specialist. He found Ufz clinic on the Internet and it looked very modern. I went there and was impressed first of all with the friendly office staff, almost no waiting time, cleanliness and the very new looking equipment. All that is great but without a skilled dentist to use the equipment it would be useless.
I went for my first root canal treatment and I was so nervous my heart was beating so hard I thought I might have a heart attack in the chair. That is how nervous I get in the dentistfs chair. Well I soon discovered I had no reason to fear. Dr. Ushikubo numbed my gums first and then gave a Novocain shot that I barely even felt. Really, no pain with the shot! Then after I was good and numb he started the root canal treatment. He made me very comfortable and instead of having to hold my mouth open by myself, he put a device in the corner of my mouth on the unaffected side that propped my mouth open so that I could actually relax my jaw muscles.
I have worked in the medical field so I can sense a lack of confidence in doctors. I never sensed this with Dr. Ushikubo and as a matter of fact just the opposite, he seemed very confident like it was almost effortless for him to perform the treatment. Something else I noticed, that is important to me, is how the doctor treats his assistants. He spoke very kindly and often said thank you to her and the two of them displayed a lot of harmony as they worked together as a real team.
One more thing I appreciated about him is that he asked me which language I prefer, Japanese or English. Sometimes I do prefer to speak Japanese but not in the case of going to the dentist so I chose English so he spoke to me in English.
He is a very kind and respectful man who I believe is very skilled in what he does. In my case I never experienced pain, neither in the chair nor after I went home. I want to recommend him to my fellow foreigners (or Japanese) who need root canal treatment who fear going to the dentist as much as I do. I believe you can trust Dr. Ushikubo. I didnft have the other specialist who works there so I cannot comment on him so please know that he may be just as skilled, but I donft know.

by Barbara

3F, 1-3-19 Saiwai-cho, Naniwa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka-fu, 556-0021

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